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What We Do



 Dr. Travis DeArmon is the only certified Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization practitioner in Oklahoma.  DNS is a rehabilitation approached based on developmental kinesiology, incorporating dynamic movements integrating the whole body or system, the way the body is designed to move.  For more information, visit 


 Hands on Chiropractic care utilizing adjustment techniques from the Motion Palpation Institute (MPI). 


 We believe that the best movers are little children, so therefore our rehabilitative techniques are based off the principles of developmental kinesiology.  We utilize rehabilitative techniques to best suit your needs and abilities. 


 Soft tissue (muscle) release and dry needling. 



Our lifestyles, including the food we eat, affect every cell in our bodies.  When you alter your diet, breathing, and movement, you can change physiology, and even gene expression. Simple lifestyle changes can reduce your toxic burden and allow the body to work more efficiently. At ProActive Sport and Spine, Mona Turrell, NC, takes a multi-faceted approach to learn what you need for optimal function, whether it be stress reduction, changes in nutrition, addressing a vitamin deficiency, or supporting the body with quality herbs.  We only recommend the finest whole food supplements, and herbs that are quality sourced and produced.

We can help you learn strategies to reduce physical and emotional stresses on your body, and we offer specific Stress Reduction Therapy and Reflexology